Solaris Management Consultants

Linux and Solaris Operating Systems are utilised by small businesses and global corporations around the world. The advantages of each system as well as their drawbacks has (and it seems always will be) discussed many times and each company will ultimately have their own good reasons opting for Solaris Operating Systems over the Linux Kernel. The Solaris x86 system has been extremely popular since its release.

The New Solaris

Oracle’s new Solaris 11 Express has been released. This is a commercial model for what was the Open Solaris project and it seems certain that the intent is to phase out the development for Solaris core Open Source software. The new Oracle Solaris 11 Express comes with a range of new features and management tools: Primarily aimed at reducing downtime. The new Solaris Operating System has improved functionality and can be safely upgraded, is extremely secure and highly flexible. The Solaris 11 has been fully tested and can be supported by a variety Solaris x86-based systems and SPARC: As well as various types of hardware available from a selection of third party manufacturers.

Not To Be Overlooked

Solaris Systems are significantly different to the LINUX Kernel. The level of LINUX Support available is varied because it Open Source and therefore not actually owned by any specific organisation. The Oracle Corporation however offer a full range of support packages for the Solaris Operating Systems. While finding good support is obviously and correctly an issue for most businesses research indicates too many are overlooking the benefits of contracting professional Solaris Management Consultants to ensure a business is indeed utilising their Systems to the max and by doing so truly benefiting from the real advantages Solaris Operating Systems can provide.

Improved performance

Professional Solaris Management Consultants can help businesses improve performance by analysing problems and consequently providing a cost-effective solution to those problems. Indeed the expertise provided by Solaris Operating Systems professionals ensures a Company is implementing their technology and utilising the latest and ‘best’ business practices’. The recommendations of experienced and knowledgeable Solaris Consultants can significantly improve operations by providing more effective and so cost-effective ways to carry out necessary business processes. In an ever competitive business environment the need for specialist advice has grown significantly. A Company’s Operating Systems are usually central to core business processes: Therefore it makes sense to get professional advice on how to utilise those systems effectively.

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